Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Twisted Volume One

If you're a fan of contemporary horror, you might be interested to hear about a new anthology entitled Twisted. The book boasts 50 modern horror stories from new writers in the genre. This has been created by Create50 "an initiative and creative process that platforms the work of emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, short story writers and allied artists."

"Reading it is like attending a late night secret banquet where you know each course will serve up something unexpected, forbidden and unforgettably chilling"

The publishers are currently accepting admissions to the Twisted 50 volume 2 and other Create 50 projects. Visit www.create50.com for more information.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Red Eye Book Giveaway! Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell (UK residents only) Extended to 31st December!

This week we are giving away a copy of Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell from the Red Eye imprint.

"Dunvegan School for Girls has been closed for many years. Converted into a family home, the teachers and students are long gone. But they left something behind…

Sophie arrives at the old schoolhouse to spend the summer with her cousins. Brooding Cameron with his scarred hand, strange Lillias with a fear of bones and Piper, who seems just a bit too good to be true. And then there’s her other cousin.
The girl with a room full of antique dolls. The girl that shouldn’t be there. The girl that died.

Alex Bell’s chilling novel is part of the Red Eye series, perfect for fans of James Dawson’s Say Her Name and Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood."

If you would like to be entered into the draw for the book, comment either at the Indie Horror Blog or on the post at knifesedge.net

Due to postage costs, unfortunately the draw is only available to UK residents.

A random winner from all entrants will be picked on 31st December, 2015.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Beyond Lovecraft - an exciting new Indie Go Go campaign

The wonderfully engaging award-winning author Jasper Bark has embarked on a project with award-winning artist, Rob Moran to create an incredible looking graphic novel, Beyond Lovecraft. Containing 96 pages of four stand alone tales drawn directly from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The creators have a publisher but are looking for supporters through Indie Go Go. 
They are offering some great incentives (but read the small print, Mr. Bark has a reputation when it comes to contracts and his acquisition of souls)

I'll let Jasper describe it in his own inimitable style. Further information can be found here.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Soliloquy for Pan second printing coming from Egaeus

After the success of the first run of the excellent SOLILOQUY FOR PAN, a second printing will be available to pre-order from the Egaeus Press website on the 19th of September. The official publication date will be the equinox (the 23rd of September).
The new printing will have a different Pan on the cover, and different endpapers. It will be limited to 200 copies, and cost £35, including postage worldwide.
A further email will be sent out as soon as pre-ordering becomes available.
It's worth noting that the first printing sold out in just 2 weeks, so get in fast!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Free Ebook! The Bell by Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis

Time to put your wallets away and click for a great free book!

The Bell by British Fantasy Award nominated authors of The Quarry and The Ice Maiden, Mssrs Lockley and Lewis, is currently free for Kindle so grab it while you can!

"The tiny Welsh village of Upper Cynffig has a secret known only to a handful of people who live in fear of outsiders and of something that appears in their midst when hot, dry summers leech moisture from the world.

When chance brings Neil Cotton to the village, escaping from the wreckage of a broken relationship, he becomes caught up in a series of events that lead inexorably to a confrontation with the unspoken fear that grips the older residents."

Amazon UK Link

Amazon US Link

Friday, 10 July 2015

London Macabre by Steven Savile - Free this weekend!

The excellent London Macabre by Steven Savile is currently FREE for Kindle from Amazon and for the whole weekend.

"It begins innocently enough, with the death of a prostitute in Bedford Square, London. She isn’t the first ’flower girl’ to die and she won’t be the last, not now the killer had a taste for it.

The man, Nathaniel Seth, is one of the Brethren, a shadow society of occult dabblers and black magickers who hide away in the darkest parts of the city, in corners where they could not be seen by polite society. Little did Seth know that his own life was only hours from ending, his flesh to be taken as host for a daemonic entity clawed all the way out of hell’s pit in the centre of the hollow earth because Seth himself breached the Catamine Stair. Now things are afoot. Strange things. The lions of Trafalgar have fulfilled their prophecy, climbing down from the plinths around Lord Nelson’s column to defend the city. The daemon is out, stalking tender prey through the gaslit streets, meat markets, fish stalls and slaughter houses of Whitehall. He has a taste for women, though not ordinary women. These women are different. Special. They may look like whores but they have the blood of angels flowing in their veins. If he can kill enough of them, bathing in their innocent blood, then the daemonic Seth believes he can open the ancient Ald Gate--one of the seven great gates of London--the last gate to Eden, and go home, even if it means tearing London herself apart.

A group of steadfast men stand in the daemon’s way, led by Fabian Stark, a man himself doomed to die before even the first die is cast, and each of them cursed in their own way: Dorian Carruthers, Haddon McCreedy, Eugene Napier, Anthony Millington, and Brannigan Locke. The Grayfriar’s Gentleman’s Club."

This is definitely one to grab while you can, links below...



Saturday, 27 June 2015

T-Shirts now available of Spectral's beautiful book covers

Those splendid fellows at Spectral Press have teamed up with the awesome purveyors of quality T-Shirts, Great British Horror to bring some of their outstanding book covers to the fans as Tees.

Currently they have Albion Fay by Mark Morris, The Hammer of Dr Valentine by John Llewellyn Probert, The Bureau of Them by Cate Gardner as well as Stephen Volk's Whiststable and Leytonstone.

Priced at £20 in the UK, £25 in the EU, and $50 for the US and rest of the world, these are not to be missed.

Get yourself over to the Spectral site and grab one of these beautiful shirts.